1900: A Fin-de-Siècle Reader
edited by Mike Jay and Michael Neve
Penguin 1999


At the end of the 19th century, just as today, many people were terrified – or thrilled – by the seemingly unstoppable progress of science, wrestling with questions of sexual identity, turning away from traditional religions or taking refuge in spiritualism, the paranormal and “new age” philosophies. From poetry to pulp fiction, scientific polemic to sexological speculation, 1900 brings together a fascinating collage of writings which encompass the amazing range of beliefs, ideas and obsessions current during the fin-de-siècle.


1900 is a splendid starting-point for analysis of fin-de-siecle thought and for understanding the millennium.”  
Elaine Showalter

“A striking vision…Jay and Neve have done a great service in restoring a sense of our affinities with those culturally tumultuous decades.”  
Roy Porter

“A brilliant reader…superbly illustrates the emotional peak of the 19th century’s end.” Independent

“Stunning…a breathlessly fast survey…1900 does an excellent job of covering the depth and breadth of a civilisation in just 350 pages.” Red Herring


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