Mike’s new book, Mescaline: a global history of the first psychedelic, will be published by Yale University Press in May.


He is working with the Bethlem Museum of the Mind on an exhibition on mescaline, art and psychiatry, to run this summer.


Stranger Than Fiction, a collection of his essays, is out now in paperback and ebook.


He writes regularly for the London Review of Books (free access long reads on madness and revolutionmemory and hallucinations), the Wall Street Journal and the Literary Review (free access piece on Philip K. Dick).


His most recent book is This Way Madness Lies, a highly illustrated history of madness and the asylum, published in the UK and USA by Thames & Hudson. It was written in conjunction with Wellcome Collection’s exhibition Bedlam: the asylum and beyond, on which he was guest curator.

The Influencing Machine, is out in paperback and on Kindle. It’s published in the US under the title A Visionary Madness.

Emperors of Dreams (originally published in 2000) is back in print in a new, fully revised and updated edition.

High Society and The Atmosphere of Heaven are both available in paperback.