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‘Complex and riveting…readers should expect quite a trip’   Booklist, March 15 2023

‘Eye-opening…a welcome reconsideration of the role drugs play in life, medicine, and science’   Publishers Weekly

‘Jay deftly guides the reader through the most confounding puzzles about our mind’s picture of reality, about meaning-making, truth and illusion. A gorgeously-written, page-turning pleasure to read’   Brian D. Earp

‘With this rich, nuanced account, Mike Jay posits the War on Drugs as a blip on the long, proud and very influential history of self-experimentation with psychoactive substances by artists, scientists and philosophers – the titular explorers of the mind’   Carlyn Zwarenstein

‘Breezy and profound, Psychonauts is a wildly entertaining history of drugs…a total blast’   Ben Westhoff