Mike has recently authored Mindcraft, a digital journey through the discovery of the unconscious, for Wellcome Collection.

He also recently worked with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew on their Intoxication Season.

His most recent book, The Influencing Machine, is out in paperback and on Kindle. It’s published in the US under a new title, A Visionary Madness.
He’s written a new article introducing James Tilly Matthews’ story, and co-scripted a short animated film of the Air Loom.

There’s a new article up on paranoia and popular culture. Recent articles can also be found at Aeon Magazine –  on Geel, the ‘colony of the mad’ in Belgium, and on the shifting definition of drugs –  and at Public Domain Review, on the discovery of nitrous oxide and the origins of the Illuminati.

He reviews regularly for the London Review of Books (free access pieces on memory and hallucinations) and for Wall Street Journal.

He can be seen around the web talking about drugs and creativity, flying potions, influencing machines, brainwashing and opium pipes.

Emperors of Dreams (originally published in 2000) is back in print in a new, fully revised and updated edition.

Also out in paperback is High Society, an illustrated global history of drugs. It originally accompanied the High Society exhibition, which he curated for Wellcome Collection in London in 2010-11.